Mysterious Hillary Clinton sign exposes #PodestaEmails and dark secrets

Mysterious Hillary Clinton sign exposes #PodestaEmails and dark secrets

A brave person went out of their way to send a message to the people of Colorado the planet. This message is about Hillary Clinton and it may be the most true thing that we have learned about her.

Hillary Hates Everyone.

Does she? Someone thinks so. More importantly, it mentions the ever so popular #PodestaEmails and might send some non-tech savvy people into a hunt for information.

A quick thinking Redditor, LeakingNuggets, snapped a picture of the sign off of I-25 in Denver, Colorado, and uploaded it to a sub-Reddit for Donald Trump supporters.

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The person who hung this sign wants us to seek information about #PodestaEmails and WikiLeaks on Twitter.

Let’s search #PodestaEmails and share the results.


Thanks Glenn! You’re the man for pointing this out, except, why does Hillary Clinton’s campaign seem like the biggest pushers of the globalist notion? Income equality? Who cares about that? Not me. If you work in a public/city job, then people are paid on the same pay scale regardless of sex or race. City jobs are already equal. People working in the private sector, where a boss can pay people whatever he wants, just have to deal with whatever salary they’re willing to fight for. If a person doesn’t ever ask for a raise, and doesn’t get one, that’s not income inequality – that’s someone not caring enough to ask for a raise.


John Podesta tried “speed dating” with a girl named Kim. Or maybe it was an Asian guy. Can’t tell these days. The people on the left can’t figure out their gender anymore, so we really don’t know if Kim is a man or woman or both. Also, the Twitter account named “Always Trump” inquires about what John Podesta’s wife thinks about him trying speed dating. I could care less about this and have to point out that Podesta and Kim are right about one thing – speed dating is weird and awkward.


This has nothing to do with emails and everything to do with the Clinton vs. Assange saga, appropriately demonstrated by the Photoshopping of a brutal video game called Mortal Kombat. This might be from the old days of Sega. That’s Scorpion and his finishing move is a swift decapitation. Nothing to do with emails, but since you can hashtag #PodestaEmails and include anything you want, someone threw this in the mix for fun.


Even Jill Stein got into the #PodestaEmails fun! Jill may get 38 really good votes in the 2016 Presidential election, which is 37 more than I’ve ever gotten, so she’s worth mentioning here. Seems like people around Hillary Clinton are annoyed and can’t figure out what to call Hillary to the “fans” – and by fans I mean reptilian people, because no one on this planet with a human brain or heart supports anything that a liberal would vote for. Also, I received one write-in vote last election. Obama beat me by a handful.


Hillary and Obama emailed each other. I don’t think it’s a crime or awkward that two politicians email.  It’s more awkward watching two grown men kiss under an umbrella, so I’m glad these emails don’t have that. However it’s WHAT they emailed each other about that might have people wondering. And then there’s that whole private email/server thing. Can’t forget that, right? POTUS knew about it and didn’t care. Thanks, Barry! What’s important is that Cameron Gray’s tweet calls out major news sources and reminds them they have a job to do. Will they do it? Eh…we’ll see.


Kristina Schake talks about possibly orchestrating the crowd at a Hillary event like she’s an orchestra conductor. How about you let the audience conduct themselves? Or better yet, stop conducting people to arrive at Trump events and spark violence. USA chants at Trump events aren’t that angry, but rather patriotic and at least they love their country. I’d rather be a Trump rally any day of the week than sitting around a group of filthy, fat, feminists and brainless zombie leftists. I’m a pig now, right? Am I deplorable for poking fat fun at feminazis?


I guess we can say “Happy Hilloween.”

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