Poll: People Really Hate The Thought Of Voting For Either Hillary Or Trump

We’re having a really, really special election this year

(The Hill) Half of all voters say they definitely won’t consider voting for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, according to a new Morning Consult poll.

The poll also found that 45 percent of voters said they definitely wouldn’t consider voting for Clinton.

The number for Trump is exactly 50%, to be clear, once you check the link.

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As you can see, Hillary leads in the definitely will vote for category 35-29%. The numbers are marginally bad, but, here’s something to consider in Trump’s favor

Among independents, 23 percent said they supported Clinton and 30 percent said they backed Trump.

Here’s the thing: this election should have been relatively easy, with the Democrats nominating one of the worst candidates of all time. She’s shadier and more paranoid than Richard Nixon, yet doesn’t even have the accomplishments of things like important legislation than Nixon. Her charitable foundation barely spends 10% on charity, and is more of a slush fund for the Clinton’s who also use it as a pay for play system with foreign governments and private entities. She has less transparency than Obama. Her health is most likely poor. She’s unexciting and really doesn’t like speaking to crowds. She treated the press like garbage, and has even smacked around her own supporters.

Yet. Trump. There may be time, but, it’s very limited.

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