A Breakdown of the CNN Debate

A Breakdown of the CNN Debate

CNN did a decent job, other than Hugh Hewitt demanding that Ben Carson give the thumbs up to killing ten thousand kids in a war. So, there were no major complaints over the moderators in this debate.

Beyond that, there were no stand out performances and the bottom of the barrel candidates did better than usual. So, there really weren’t any stand out performances, but there were some goofs that could damage the candidates if people are paying attention. Of course, are they paying attention right before Christmas? Probably not….here’s the breakdown.


9) John Kasich:  He has two modes: Annoying and forgettable. Tonight, he was forgettable.

8) Ben Carson: Carson is very likable, but his slow speaking style and fuzziness on specifics makes him a poor debater. It’s just not his strength and he didn’t help himself tonight and wasn’t very quotable.

7) Jeb Bush: Jeb showed more “energy” tonight, but he kept getting in fights with Trump that he lost again and again. Jeb’s just bad at this and “good” for him is still probably never going to get him in the top five.

6) Donald Trump: Trump was likable and quotable, but he didn’t sound good trying to explain some of his positions.

5) Marco Rubio: Rubio was really bloodied on illegal immigration for the first time and he was back on his heels. Both Paul and Cruz tore chunks out of Rubio on the issue.

4) Rand Paul: He still comes across as prickly, but this was Paul’s best debate by far.

3) Chris Christie: Like Fiorina, Christie is a strong debater, although I think his willingness to go to war with Russia over a theoretical no-fly zone in Syria is disturbing.

2) Carly Fiorina: Carly’s biggest strength is her debating and she was solid tonight although her only notable quote was taken from Margaret Thatcher and it didn’t help because it’s the kind of obnoxious line you’ll hear from Hillary over and over.

“If you want something talked about, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.”

So men suck and we should elect Carly because she’s a woman. Got it.

1) Ted Cruz: Cruz was not at his best tonight and he bent over backwards to avoid admitting that he intends to let illegals stay in the country without giving them citizenship. Even though nobody on the stage, including Trump, is to his Right on the issue, he still doesn’t want to come out and say it. Cruz didn’t turn in a blockbuster performance, but then again, nobody did. Overall, he was still strong, substantial and had some good lines.

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