SNL Mocks Liberals Living In a Bubble – It’s like the election never happened. [VIDEO]

SNL Mocks Liberals Living In a Bubble – It’s like the election never happened. [VIDEO]

Saturday Night Live is actually getting funnier these days now that the pandering to leftists is over. This skit is right on the nose. Liberals who are still in shock are looking for a way to exist in a country they don’t recognize anymore. Welcome to The Bubble. The SNL writers mercilessly mock liberals in this… especially NY liberals. It wouldn’t be much of a change for those who have been out of touch with reality for years. Simply slap a bubble over Brooklyn and you can be inclusive by being reclusive. Heh.

The whining on the Left is reaching a crescendo. Perhaps they are now seeing the light, so to speak. SNL absolutely tells the truth here by listing the Leftist news sources as Huffpo, The Daily Kos, etc. And they have just confirmed what I have suspected all along… liberals have no sense of humor that we are aware of. As evidence, I give you McSweeney’s. Inside The Bubble, they can give the same old tired talking points to each other and agree with one another about how awful things are now that Trump is President. Or they can just pretend the election never happened at all and live in their communist utopia with lattes and hot and cold running Marxism.


From Louder with Crowder:

Now that SNL no longer has to drag Hillary Clinton across the finish line, they can try their hand at “actual humor” again. They scored last week (see SNL Savages NYC Liberals Watching the 2016 Election). Now, we have the writers mocking leftists who have been living in a bubble for the past eight years…with “The Bubble”. And it’s surprisingly spot on.

In here, it’s like the election never happened.

All your favorite news and entertainment sources are provided: Like HuffPo. The Daily Kos, Netflix documentaries about sushi rice and the explosive comedy of McSweeney’s.

Leftists… poking fun at themselves? Did we fall into some kind of a cosmic bunnyhole? Huffpo, please follow (see SOUR GRAPES: HuffPo Now Says Voting For Trump? A Hate Crime!) as you’re late for a very important date. The left has invested so much time and energy isolating themselves from any and all opposing viewpoints, they just never even saw the possibility of President Elect Trump happening. Now that it has, the laughs are aplenty.

It’s like Saturday Night Live has actually woken up and come to their senses. They just showcased the unthinkable that just happened to liberals. They want their ultimate safe space… enclosed, over priced, trendy and massively stupid. Their idea of diversity is everyone being the same. The only thing it will be missing is police or fireman… none want to live in the bubble. Imagine that.

Elitist weenies unite! Best of all, the whining and tantrums will finally stop. Let them have Brooklyn… please.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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