Ted Nugent on a Cruz Missile with Donald Trump – Intellectual Froglegs

by Joe Dan Gorman | October 15, 2015 1:48 pm

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As we get closer to the actual primary voting which begins in February[2]… Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 7.26.53 PM[3]the GOPe (GOP establishment) and their partners in the media are becoming more and more shrill…. and more and more desperate.

Their plans to nominate Jeb have been obliterated by the self-funding real estate developer…and a neurosurgeon from the Ghetto.

Month after month, the media keeps swinging at Trump but they keep missing him, so now they’ve turned their attention on Dr. Carson.

And Dr. Carson is not curling up into a fetal position either…(like the NAACP does).

The president of the Sierra Club (that far left, heavily funded environmental whacko group) went to Capitol Hill to testify on behalf of the EPA’s climate regulations…. when unbeknownst to him— a Ted Cruz missile had him targeted. BOOM.

Ted Nugent told a great story about a muslim bookstore… I think you’ll like it.

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