They just called the winner of the Iowa Caucus on the Republican side and it’s…..

by John Hawkins | February 1, 2016 10:09 pm

The polls showed Donald Trump with a lead going into the Iowa Caucuses, but he put almost no time and effort into creating a ground game. On the other hand, Ted Cruz was hyper-organized and had the best team in the state. So, the question was: Could Donald Trump turn out record-breaking numbers of fans without bothering to do any basics? Could he generate massive turnout just by doing rallies?


Honestly, I didn’t know.

Well, the turnout has been huge and now we have an answer on who won the state. The Decision Desk is calling it for Cruz[2].

Ted Cruz: 28, Trump 25 & Rubio 22.

Incidentally, after a couple of late polls that seemed to show Rubio closing, there were people predicting he’d win. Actually, he finished in third place. The establishment spin will be that he over-performed. Just watch and see.

PS: Trump attacked Cruz relentlessly. So did Huckabee, Santorum and Paul. Even the governor of Iowa came after Cruz because Ted was too principled to buckle on ethanol — and he STILL WON.

Update #1: at 10:21 PM EST, MSNBC also called Iowa for Cruz.

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  2. Decision Desk is calling it for Cruz:

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