Washington Post: Will Republicans Respect Democracy Or Something?

The Washington Post Editorial Board is rather upset about the notion that Republicans have promised to investigate the hell out of one of the shadiest, most dishonest, most crooked politicians in the history of this nation, should Hillary win on Tuesday

Will Republicans respect democracy?

THE BIG question after Tuesday’s election will not be whether Obamacare is repealed, Social Security expanded or the Ryan budget passed. It will be whether the nation’s leaders act to preserve our republic — or hasten a descent toward a banana republic.

Which is a hilarious line, considering that the WP in all facets has mostly been on board with Obama “legislating” by pen and phone within the Executive Office. Furthermore, they haven’t seemed to have that much of a problem with the Clinton Crime Syndicate and all the corruption. Nor did they seem to have an issue when rogue, politicized prosecutors went after Republicans with charges to mess with their candidacy or time in office. Rick Perry and Tom Delay come to mind.

And, if you’re mentioning “republic”, then you should be for reducing the size, scope, and power of the federal government and returning it back to the States and the People where it belongs.

Their first priority must be preserving and restoring the country’s democratic institutions and culture. The new president must advance an agenda and tone consistent with the goal of cultivating national unity. But it is just as important that Congress be open to — and seek — the same. That means looking for compromises where they are still possible, staffing the government in an orderly way and slowly rebuilding trust between the country’s disparate factions.

In other words, increase the size of the federal government. And Congress is supposed to just ignore all the corruption, criminality, violations of national security, etc and so on, you know the hit parade, of Hillary, who, let’s face it, will do about as much to seek national unity as Barack did.

Unfortunately, many congressional Republicans appear set on making an already corrosive atmosphere in Washington even more toxic. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (Utah), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, promised to mire the country in years of investigations if Hillary Clinton wins. Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.) raised the possibility that Republicans would block any Clinton Supreme Court nominee. Now Republicans are brazenly and irresponsibly discussing the true nuclear option: impeachment.

Remember when the WPEB ran something similar in November 2004, saying that Democrats should cut out their impeachment talk and pledge to work with George Bush if re-elected? No? They didn’t? Well, certainly they ran editorials about all the assassination talk from Liberals? No? Huh. Should Congress ignore criminal violations? That’s what the WPEB wants. For a Democrat.

Barring some truly new and explosive revelation, an impeachment drive would ultimately fail. A two-thirds majority of the Senate would not convict, and that outcome would reflect more than just partisanship. This sentence should not need writing: There is no substantiated charge against Ms. Clinton that would warrant impeachment, or even talk of impeachment.

As to the first, they’re probably correct. Democrats would certainly vote against impeachment even with specific evidence of criminal wrongdoing. As to the last, need it be written again that others not named Clinton have been prosecuted and jailed for doing much less than Hillary?

But, hey, the WPEB wants to save democracy! If that’s the case, then why has their own coverage been so biased? Why are they not the gatekeepers? The Press was given a specific mention in the 1st Amendment to make sure they could do their job in investigating government. Instead, they’ve become advocates for one political party. We all know how outlets like the WP would respond if all the allegations towards Hillary, Bill and their so-called charity were Republicans. Constant investigations and unhinged coverage. Just consider how they covered Abu Ghraib, and tried to pin it directly on Bush. Think how they covered Bush firing all those federal prosecutors, who serve at the pleasure of the president, and that there was no outcry when Bill Clinton did the same.

As much as I dislike Trump, it would be fun watching media heads explode if he wins. It would be 4 years of great blogging material from the leftist media.

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