Gary Johnson Is Doing His Part To Help Re-Elect Barack Obama

by John Hawkins | August 9, 2012 7:03 am

Gary Johnson, who wasn’t even a blip on the radar when he ran in the Republican primaries, is doing his part to help elect Barack Obama.

Here’s a short excerpt from a blast email he sent out today.


We’re already on the ballot in more than 30 states, and we’re committed to being on all 50. Unlike any other “third party” candidate, my name is already on the ballot in more than enough states to gain 270 electoral votes — a key requirement for being included in this Fall’s debates to challenge Mitt Romney and Barack Obama on their big government plans.

It goes without saying that Gary Johnson can’t win. In fact, it would practically take a miracle for him to get 2%. In other words, like it or not, your only two real choices in November are Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. That means that anyone voting for Gary Johnson is essentially choosing not to vote in the presidential election. Since Johnson did run as a Republican, it seems likely that he’ll peel more votes from Romney than Obama.

This accomplishes absolutely nothing of significance since…

#1) The Libertarian candidate can’t win.
#2) Making the radical changes needed to bring in that tiny sliver of Libertarians would alienate so many mainstream voters that it would be a losing proposition.

If you want to play the “I’m purer than you game” and shake your fist in the air instead of taking the best option available, then I’m sure Barack Obama would love to thank you for your meaningless gesture if he ever takes a break from playing golf and doing fundraisers.

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