Here’s Why the Polls May be DEAD WRONG and Trump Could Win in a Landslide

Here’s Why the Polls May be DEAD WRONG and Trump Could Win in a Landslide

Many polls are showing Hillary Clinton leading into election day. Electoral map predictions have her easily reaching 270 electoral votes, if not over 300. But one poll shows something very different: that Donald Trump could still win.


The Los Angeles Times tracking poll suggests that Trump could beat Hillary by as much as six percentage points. Evidently, it was the FBI’s announcement that they were reopening their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails at the end of October that made the difference: they showed Trump’s lead steadily growing ever since.

Most polls show Hillary leading by three to four percentage points. The Los Angeles Times is an outlier and they’ve even now put Trump’s win outside of their “area of uncertainty.” The Los Angeles Times has Trump winning across most demographics, too. Most importantly, it has predicted that Trump’s supporters are more likely to say they intend to vote than Hillary’s.


Still, despite this polling data, the Los Angeles Times still predicts that Hillary will be elected president. They still show Hillary winning many of the important swing states and therefore, winning the majority of the electoral votes.

The Los Angeles Times has historically been one of the most accurate polls.

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