Holy Cow! Matt Bevin is the New Governor of Kentucky!

by Cassy Fiano | November 4, 2015 1:48 pm

Democrats are crying sad, sad tears today, because they got absolutely slaughtered in Kentucky. And the new governor of Kentucky is now Republican Matt Bevin, the second GOP governor of Kentucky in four decades.

matt bevin[1]

Republican Matt Bevin has won the Kentucky governor’s race, according to The Associated Press, defeating Democrat Jack Conway.

Bevin, a self-funding businessman who unsuccessfully challenged Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in a primary last year, overcame a funding disadvantage and Kentucky’s Democratic lean in state races to become only the second Republican to win a gubernatorial election since the early 1970s.

This is a devastating loss for Democrats — Bevin’s opponent had way more cash on hand than Bevin did, and was leading in the polls right up until election day. They truly did not see this win coming, which makes it all the sweeter to savor.

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