How Extreme Is North Carolina’s New Voter Law?

by William Teach | August 15, 2013 7:51 am

Since the new NC voter law, which includes requiring voter ID, shortens the number of early voting days, eliminates same day registration, and does away with straight party voting, liberals have been doing their typical freakout dance. They’re typical headline and/or article pushes the “voter suppression” and “disenfranchisement” memes. Here’s the Raleigh N&O[1] Editorial Board a few days ago

And he of course didn’t linger on the other parts of the legislation clearly designed to give Republicans an advantage in future elections, blatantly political maneuvers: no more straight-ticket voting, which is favored by more Democrats than Republicans; no more same-day registration and voting, again something shown to be used more by Democrats; early voting periods will be shorter, and early voting also tends to draw more Democrats; no more pre-registration for students younger than 18, as the young tend to lean Democratic.

They’re very worried that Dems will have trouble following the law in order to vote. Do they have trouble with Liberals voting in Hawaii, Illinois, and Delaware? Because they have voter ID laws, too. Sure, the NC law allows gun registrations as ID but not student ID. Because NC doesn’t have a ton of out-of-state students. I mentioned in that link that over 30 states have voter ID laws. Now, via the John Locke Foundation[2] we see just how super evil the updated voter laws are

The lawyers for North Carolina will have these facts readily available as they fight of the Democrat led suits. When Pennsylvania was sued for their voter ID law, the judge upheld the law[3] because most of the claims of the liberal organizations were found to be mule fritters. It’d be nice if (supposed) news organizations like the News and Observer, NY Times, Washington Post, and others, especially in North Carolina, would give the actual details.

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