Mark Levin puzzled by Ann Coulter’s bizarre endorsement of Chris Christie, who supports gun control, amnesty, Obamacare and climate legislation

by Doug Ross | February 20, 2011 9:17 pm

Cub Reporter Biff Spackle was kind enough to transcribe the following soliloquy by radio host Mark Levin last Monday night[1].

I want to politely address my dear friend — and she is my dear friend — Ann Coulter. We’ve had some email exchanges.

What is your great love of Chris Christie based on[2]? The man supports gun control. The man appoints a radical Islamist to a judgeship. The man is for amnesty [for illegal aliens]. The man is, to some extent, part of the “green” movement. He campaigned for Michael Castle.

And it’s interesting. [Mitt] Romney is being attacked, correctly by the way, for RomneyCare. Yet here we have Obamacare, we have 28 states challenging it: 26 states in one suit; Virginia in another suit; Oklahoma in another suit — and New Jersey’s sitting on the sidelines.

Why? I cannot believe it’s the cost. Because I have offered, as have others, to do it for free. Just sign your name on a brief. That’s free. And yet Christie sits on the sidelines.

So he either supports [Obamacare] or I don’t know what. Maybe while Romney’s explaining RomneyCare, Christie can explain his [tacit support of] Obamacare.

But the idea that if we don’t back Christie, who’s already said he’s not qualified enough to be president, that Romney is the winner and that we were warned about McCain, is a little rewrite of history. Nobody was more against McCain than I. Then at the very end I said we had to vote for him to stop Obama. But I fought him every step of the way. Ask McCain’s people. They hate me. Feeling’s mutual!

Anyway, it’s a little bizarre to me. The way I see Chris Christie is he’s Christine Todd Whitman as a male. I do like his fiscal positions. I do like the way he deals with the public sector teachers’ unions. That’s all to the good.

But when you’re the president of the United States, you’ve got a whole lot of issues that affect a whole lot of people.

And it’s not good enough to be good on one out of 20. So this [obsession with Christie] I don’t get.

I agree completely. Christie has a number of troubling positions — some even outright bizarre — that seriously limit his acceptability as a GOP nominee. At least until he explains himself thoroughly on these issues.

Coulter isn’t usually off-key on these sorts of things: but she couldn’t be more wrong with her premature statements regarding Christie. Nominating another mushy centrist — and I count the governor of New Jersey as one, based upon his track record — will guarantee Barack Obama a victory in the general. And that we cannot accept if this Republic is to survive.

Image adapted from: Politico[3]. Cross-posted at: Doug Ross @ Journal[4].

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