Obama: ‘I’m going to do what I need to do’ on immigration using ‘Executive Action’ [Video]

Obama never intended to ‘compromise.’ Kings don’t compromise… they rule. What’s more, he does not care about the Republican’s weak threats of impeachment. I rather think Obama would relish impeachment – it would put him center stage. He also has enough dirt on enough politicians that he actually believes they would never dare do the dirty deed against him. Obama believes he has the opportunity to make history – to change the voting demographic in the US forever in favor of the Progressives.

From Fox News:

President Obama repeated Sunday that he intends to change U.S. immigration law through executive action, over Republican leaders’ repeated requests to wait and dire warnings about the consequences of sidestepping Congress.

“I’m going to do what I need to do,” Obama told CBS’ “Face the Nation,” in an interview taped on Friday.

As he has said before, the president said he would prefer that reform legislation come through Congress, but that he has waited for more than a year for House Speaker John Boehner to pass a bill like the Democrat-controlled Senate has done.

“If a bill gets passed, nobody would be happier than me,” Obama said.

His remarks followed similar ones made Wednesday, which brought dire warnings from Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell that were followed by more on Sunday.

“I believe [executive action] will hurt cooperation on every issue,” Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., told “Fox News Sunday.” “I think it would be like the president pulling the pin out of a hand grenade and throwing it in as we are trying to actually work together. I am hoping that cooler heads at the White House can prevail.”

The comments by Barrasso, chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Committee, followed Boehner warning Obama that using executive action would “poison the well” and McConnell, who will likely be the Senate majority leader next year, comparing it to waving a flag in front of a bull.

“Their time hasn’t run out,” Obama told CBS, arguing that legislation passed by Congress would supersede his executive action.

The only way that Obama will cave is if the RINO Republicans compromise with him and if they do that, it will be at the last minute. They will claim they were forced to and that it is really a win for Republicans. It will be no such thing… it will be a game changing win for the Marxists and for those such as the National Chamber of Commerce. A permanent liberal voting bloc will be enshrined and cheap labor will go to big business. The only losers will be a free America.

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