Scott Walker, Wisconsin, Republicans, And Americans Win. Democrats and Unions Lose.

Ostensibly, Scott Walker was up against Tom Barrett yesterday in Wisconsin. In actuality, his opponents were the unions. He was their great and cheesy boogeyman because he dared to put the interests of the state of Wisconsin above the interests of the union. Liberals loved getting another crack at Walker until he whomped Barrett like an electric whomping machine, but they don’t like to talk about the fact that Walker’s anti-union reforms were also a godsend for the state.

Nearly a year and a half ago, then newly minted Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) instituted sweeping reforms to help ease his states $3.6 billion budget deficit. Part of this plan included a requirement for public service employees to make a reasonable contribution to their health plans and pensions.

…If Walker’s reforms had been an abysmal failure, then he would already be packing his bags; but that’s not the case. Wisconsin is the best it has been in decades, and the governor has had a lot to do with it. Walker has helped to turn a $3.6 billion budget deficit into a $154 million surplus. Over 35,000 new jobs have been added since Walker’s reforms. Property taxes were decreased for he first time in 12 years and the state has saved more than a billion dollars in spending.

In other words, this recall election wasn’t about doing what’s good for Wisconsin, it was about hurting Wisconsin to cater to the unions. It’s funny that the Left spends so much time condemning greed because that sounds pretty greedy to me.

It also sounds like the voters of Wisconsin felt the same way because despite the fact that the unions put their black little hearts and souls into this election, Walker won 53-46. It wasn’t even close enough for them to try to steal the election via lawfare. The DNC and Obama knew this was coming, although they did still make a halfhearted effort to help.

Their reward was to be mocked. Oh, those awful conservatives on Twitter!

Apparently the endorsement of one of the worst Presidents in American history didn’t help all that much. Imagine that.

Of course, some of us predicted a victory.

And it’s worth noting that liberals don’t take defeat well. Take a look at this liberal slapping Tom Barrett and while you do, remember that the media spent years telling you how crazy and dangerous Tea Partiers are compared to the angels on the Left.

Does this race have any national implications? Yes, it does. Despite the exit polls, which always lean to the left, showing that Obama would handily beat Romney in the state, it’s hard to ignore the fact that the Left threw everything it had at Walker and he won by an even bigger margin than in 2010, when the GOP had a once every half a century political hurricane blowing at its back. The Left took its best shot on an issue the liberals care desperately about and they WENT BACKWARDS.

So, is Wisconsin in play? You betcha. Will Walker’s win encourage other Republican governors to implement the same incredibly successful reforms? Uh-huh, it will. This was the 2nd biggest election of 2012. We won. It’s a good day to be what the Left thinks is a bad guy.

Update #1: There’s a lot more like this on the “crazy and dangerous” front courtesy of Twitchy.

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