Trump Takes the Lead! New Poll Shows Why Hillary Should Be VERY Worried [VIDEO]

Trump Takes the Lead! New Poll Shows Why Hillary Should Be VERY Worried [VIDEO]

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Hillary Clinton has made no secret of the fact that she thinks this election is hers to win. As far as she’s concerned, Trump is too polarizing, too negative, too disliked. People don’t like her either, but they dislike him more. So what does she have to be worried about? It turns out, plenty.

A new poll shows that Trump is leading Clinton by an insane 20 points among Independent voters. And it isn’t just any poll — it’s a CNN poll, a network that is heavy on the liberal bias and undoubtedly in the tank for Clinton. It must have been agonizing for them to have to admit that Independents are currently leaning towards Trump and not Clinton.

Donald Trump wasted no time tweeting about the poll:

Trump’s supporters were enthusiastic over the news as well:

Eight years ago, Hillary acted as if her nomination was a foregone conclusion. She acted as if she was some kind of royal next in line for the throne, rather than someone who had to earn votes in order to get the nomination. And her arrogance came back to bite her in the behind — as we all know now, a junior senator named Barack Obama came out of nowhere to defeat her and, of course, became the president. Hillary has been angry about that ever since, but has she learned anything from it? Apparently not.

Hillary Clinton is just as arrogant now as she was then. She still acts as if the presidency is something that is owed to her. She doesn’t realize that the Oval Office doesn’t belong to her just by virtue of her being a Clinton. That doesn’t mean that the presidency is owed to Trump either, but it would be fatal to Hillary’s campaign for her to become complacent just because Trump has been running a disastrous campaign. The brutal fact of the matter is, people don’t like Trump… but they don’t like her, either. And the more evidence of her corruption comes to light, the more people will be turned off. This poll is just another example of that.

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