America Leads the World in Untapped Fossil Fuel Reserves

In light of the extent to which we are at placed at the mercy of largely hostile nations for our energy supply, you would never guess who has the greatest reserves of fossil fuels. We do.


From the Energy Tribune:

America’s combined energy resources are, according to a new report from the Congressional Research Service (CSR), the largest on earth. They eclipse Saudi Arabia (3rd), China (4th) and Canada (6th) combined — and that’s without including America’s shale oil deposits and, in the future, the potentially astronomic impact of methane hydrates.

Having the resources is one thing. Being sufficiently free of tyranny to access those resources is something else. As Senator James Inhofe observes,

“The Obama administration has made a conscious policy choice to raise energy prices, accomplished in good measure by restricting access to domestic energy supplies. … We could help bring affordable energy to consumers, create new jobs, and grow the economy if the Obama administration would simply get out of the way so America can realize its true energy potential.”

But who is going to hear Inhofe when the media will ignore most anything that doesn’t support its laughable “green energy” ideology?

Few people will hear about this either:

In mid-March, a new study by Verso Consultancy estimates that for every new green job created by diverting public money into renewable energy projects in the UK, 3.7 British jobs were destroyed.

Meanwhile US energy policy persists in pursuing the myth that renewables are the economically viable future, with fossil fuels already, as the president said in January, “yesterday’s energy”.

Moonbats are particularly hostile toward coal. Obama campaigned on promises to drive the industry out of business. This graph may explain why:


The USA has enough recoverable coal to last for centuries. Yet our rulers want to force us to rely on absurd windmills, which uncoincidentally were cutting edge technology in the age of serfdom.

The only thing standing between America and a future even better than our past is the leftist kakistocracy that controls both the government and the media.

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