Hollywood SILENT as New Study Completely DESTROYS Lib’s Favorite Cause

Hollywood SILENT as New Study Completely DESTROYS Lib’s Favorite Cause

Yet another report has come out bluntly stating that fracking is not harmful. I have never believed that it was, despite all the alarmist leftist propagandic movies out there, fracking is just one more way of harvesting energy from the earth. There’s not even any evidence that pumping fracking water back into the earth causes earthquakes. I live in Oklahoma and since I’ve been here for the last few years, we’ve had some pretty impressive earthquakes. However, earthquakes occur naturally. When it comes to earthquakes, the fears don’t line up with the facts. The U.S. Geological Survey website explains that fracking is not causing earthquakes on its “Myths and Misconceptions” page.

Duke University, of all places, has produced a three-year report that shows groundwater is NOT being polluted by fracking. That was a dumb assertion to begin with as far as I’m concerned. Natural gas is the fastest growing segment for energy in the US right now and fracking is a vital part of it. Of course, they tempered their findings by warning about water spills up top, but just so you know… that happens so infrequently it is laughable. Fracking for oil and gas in this country could make us energy independent and provide millions of jobs. Give it a rest already.

From Townhall.com:

We have another study from Duke University that shows groundwater isn’t being polluted by fracking, despite the cries from the environmentalists that the process, which is used to tap into natural gas resources. It’s been the crux of their narrative against this sector of the economy that’s rapidly growing throughout the country. The study was three years in the making, peer reviewed, and was recently published in the European journal Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. They did say that surface water might be impacted due to spills:

Fracking has not contaminated groundwater in northwestern West Virginia, but accidental spills of fracking wastewater may pose a threat to surface water in the region, according to a new study led by scientists at Duke University.

“Based on consistent evidence from comprehensive testing, we found no indication of groundwater contamination over the three-year course of our study,” said Avner Vengosh, professor of geochemistry and water quality at Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment. ”However, we did find that spill water associated with fracked wells and their wastewater has an impact on the quality of streams in areas of intense shale gas development.”

“The bottom-line assessment,” he said, “is that groundwater is so far not being impacted, but surface water is more readily contaminated because of the frequency of spills.”

The left is extremely alarmist over fracking. Their emotional spewage simply does not match scientific fact. Of course, with perverted morons like Bill Nye, the NOT science guy, parading around and spouting off on things they know nothing about, it’s hard to take the left seriously on anything even remotely connected to science.

According to the report, the Duke team collaborated with researchers from Ohio State University, Pennsylvania State University, Stanford University and the French Geological Survey to sample water from 112 drinking wells in northwestern West Virginia over a three-year period. Twenty of the water wells were sampled before drilling or fracking began in the region, to provide a baseline for later comparisons. Samples were tested for an extensive list of contaminants, including salts, trace metals and hydrocarbons such as methane, propane and ethane. Each sample was systematically analyzed using a broad suite of geochemical and isotopic forensic tracers that allowed the researchers to determine if contaminants and salts in the water stemmed from nearby shale gas operations, from other human sources or were naturally occurring.

This industry is set to create 3.5 million jobs by 2035. It is a vital industry to our country. Between the Gold King Mine spill in Colorado, directly caused by the EPA, and protests against the Dakota Pipeline (which is now going through), leftists are making fools of themselves and are working directly against American interests here… just like communists do. Fracking will grow and will not harm the environment, but it will help America be independent again. In John Hawkins’ New book, ‘101 Things All Young Adults Should Know’, he teaches in chapter 85 of the book, “You are not a victim.” Perhaps the leftists should take that to heart because they definitely are not victims because of ‘fracking’.

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