Bankrupt 50 Cent begs judge not to shut off electric

by Frank Lea | September 5, 2015 1:50 pm

50 Cent couldn’t rap his way out of bankruptcy, and now he’s begging a judge to let him keep the electric on[1].

50 cent[2]

He’s asking for permission to pay his electric, gas, trash removal, cable, Internet and phone bills so he doesn’t get shut down.

Fiddy’s house used to be owned by Mike Tyson, which makes me think this house is jinxed. Time to sell it to another future bankrupt millionaire. Does anyone really need gold faucets? Maybe it’s time to invest in a window shaker air conditioner for a small room to sleep in, while the rest of your crib collects dust. Maybe your boys can run a topless car wash in your parking lot and regular fellas like me can take a tour while getting my leased Toyota waxed by some twerkers.

I bet I could save 50 Cent’s house faster than he could save $0.50.

Dear judge please allow me, to pay these bills.

Afraid to eat McDonalds, pulled out of window sills.

I can’t sleep with no heat, and my raps went cold.

Don’t let me be homeless, until I’m old.

Mike Tyson went bankrupt, he owned this too.

I got no other talents, so I’ll be selling shoes.

Even Dre made a movie, about NWA.

I’ll sit by Starbucks, beg for money all day.

Mic drop.

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