Modern Family Producer To Christians: “F**k You”

by Margaret M. | September 6, 2017 10:58 am


Danny Zuker is a really very important and super-smart Hollywood celebrity. His 24 writing credits on the ABC sitcom Modern Family has made him a household name in the style of Clint Eastwood, Brad Pitt, Julie Andrews and Steven Spielberg.

Yeah, I didn’t recognize him either. I don’t watch the show, so you’ll have to bear with me. Zuker made some waves the other day when he tweeted, then deleted a really very nasty comment about a significant portion of the United States:

“Dear Christians, if you [email protected]’s decision to end DACA your Christianity is bulls**t. But on the other hand f**k you.[2]

Then he goes on to further tweet:

My first reaction was to post this:

I’m tired of irreligious people who think us Christians believe in a Sky Daddy that rains hellfire and hurricanes down on minorities we don’t like, who then turn around and lecture us about how to interpret the New Testament.

Years ago, Zuker tried to fight Trump on Twitter without realizing that you can’t beat Trump on Twitter. In 2015, Zuker tweeted a photo of a Donald J. Trump Signature Collection shirt with an arrow pointing at the “MADE IN CHINA” tag. Or maybe he was pointing at the 100% COTTON. Who knows?


Here’s the tweet chain that prompted the photo:

@REALDONALDTRUMP: “I’ve been warning about China since as early as the 80’s. No one wanted to listen. Now our country is in real trouble. #TimetoGetTough.” 12 June 2013[7]

@DANNYZUKER: “@realDonaldTrump You’ve always been tough on China, sir. Particularly the children who make your s***ty clothes,” along with this pic.”

@REALDONALDTRUMP: “@DannyZuker You’re starting up again because people have forgotten you. You wouldn’t take my bet but it’s still open–$1M to you or charity if you win.”

@REALDONALDTRUMP: “@DannyZuker Danny—Let your bosses on Modern Family lend you the money to play the game. Show courage!”

@DANNYZUKER: “@realDonaldTrump Your insults need work. Here’s one I’ve been working on: ‘Every picture you post of yourself is a d**k pic.’ See?”

@REALDONALDTRUMP: “I can’t resist hitting lightweight @DannyZuker verbally when he starts up because he is pathetic and easy (stupid)!”

Trump had ripped on both Danny Zuker and Modern Family for several weeks in April, May and June 2015:

A few weeks ago we reported on Zuker’s recent stupid tweets about Steven Bannon, Trump and Nazis. Zuker tweeted:

Sources say Bannon & Trump just couldn’t agree on whether some Nazis are good people or all Nazis are good people, @DannyZuker 18 August 2017[14]

So far, the DACA repeal is doing a great job of supplying laughs on our side at the expense of sour-faced, left-wing rich hippies. Can’t wait to see what Zuker comes up with next.

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