SNL’s ‘Woke Jeans’ Skit Perfectly Describes this Generation [VIDEO]

by Sierra Marlee | October 1, 2017 3:00 pm

The reliably left-leaning Saturday Night Live has a history of bashing the President, along with any and everything conservative. If if has anything to do with Republicanism, they are on board to mock it relentlessly until nobody takes it seriously.

But on Saturday night’s season premier of the show, they decided to trade in their usual tactics for a new set: Mocking Social Justice Warriors.

It would appear us right-wing nut jobs aren’t ridiculous enough for them anymore. How sad.


As a millennial conservative, I just have to apologize for the absurdity of my generation. I realize that while they may have coherent points that should genuinely be considered, the way they go about presenting them to the public is nothing short of ridiculous. I can’t take you seriously if you’re as white as the day is long, complaining that white people are evil terrorists and I sure as heck am not going to team up with you on women’s issues if you expect me to walk around naked to show my solidarity.

But it was the “woke” crowd that SNL targeted in their most recent skit. You know, the people who believe that the police are just the blue version of the KKK and that George Bush did 9/11? Well, apparently this whole “no size, no labels, no genders, we-barely-accept-clothing-as-legitimate” crowd has become the butt of public scrutiny and rightfully so.

To illustrate exactly how moronic this generation has become, SNL pretending to do a “Calvin Klein”-style commercial for “woke jeans,” jeans that have no size, so style, no gender preference, etc.

They are truly hideous and exactly something we should see SJWs demand of fashion designers in the name of “equality.”

Watch the video below:

The zipper is arguably the greatest part of the skit. “Gender non-conformity.” What a joke.

Is it just me or did the pants look like a tent that someone wrapped around themselves and held up with a belt? I wouldn’t wear those even if they weren’t a joke product created with the sole intention of poking fun at a generation of special snowflakes who take offense at everything.

Unfortunately, this skit also isn’t too far from the truth and I’m just afraid that this might give millennials a horrible idea of making “gender non-conforming” clothes that are one-size-fits-all and look like opened parachutes. The ridiculous crap on the runways that we’re being sold on as “high fashion” is enough. We don’t need more garbage polluting our closets.

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