AGW Today: Intolerance, Camp Outs, And Vegans

We all know that the Left loves to debate and give people their say, to listen to all points of view, right? Right? RIGHT?

A POLITICAL row has broken out over a Derby Conservative councillor’s decision to show a climate change-sceptic film in the city’s council chamber.

The new film, Not Evil Just Wrong, is a documentary which suggests evidence of global warming is inconclusive and that the impact climate change laws will have on industry is much more harmful to humans than beneficial. It is a direct challenge to Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth, with was shown to councillors in Derby during Labour’s control of the authority in 2007.

Tory councillor Frank Leeming put forward the idea to show the new film today, sparking criticism from Labour councillors.

Wait, they were have a freak out simply because it was suggested that the film be shown last Saturday? A freak out included a request that the Conservative chairman resign? I wonder if they felt the same when Gore’s “movie” was shown? You know, the one which a British judge ruled was full of lies and half-truths, excuse me, 9 significant errors, which had to be told to the kiddies before they are forced to watch the propaganda piece.

“We are a democratic group which allows free speech. I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t do this,” (Harvey Jennings, leader of the Conservative group) said.

Bah, Free Speech is so over-rated in Liberal World.

The Leadership Campaign, a Massachusetts-based student-run group focused on the environment, is looking to have a series of sleep-overs on Boston Common imbued with a sense of urgency about taking action on the environment.

“Hey, we’re bring awareness. We aren’t actually doing anything to reduce our own carbon footprints, that’s for someone else to do.” After the sleep-0vers, which they say will continue till the Copenhagen AGW working vacation, they are going to march down to the State House to whine. That should go well, seeing as how they certainly will have had no showers. I bet even Harry Reid would complain about the smell.

Over at the Daily Wildcat, after a bit of overly hysterical AGW claims, such as a potential global temp rise of 11.5 degrees F, we get

So what can we do? For the average college student, financial viability takes precedence over environmentally friendly alternatives to their lifestyle and this is completely understandable. Installing solar panels on your home and buying a Toyota Prius are simply not feasible ways to reduce your carbon footprint for most people. But there is a way to minimize the detrimental impact that you personally are having on our environment without having to make a radical change to your lifestyle or budget.

The answer is semi-vegetarianism.

Eating different food as a social statement. Only in Liberal World. And, the opinion writer even tells us the story of a freshman who is a vegan not because she likes it, but to “try to offset the average American’s consumption of meat.” Bet she is fun at parties.

It doesn’t matter whether you consider yourself to be environmentally conscious or not. We are all equally responsible for allowing the health of our earth to continue to deteriorate. We can no longer afford to be ignorant of the devastating effects that cultivating livestock has on global warming. You have no excuse.

Except, the health of the Earth is in no danger. Even if the temps went up 11.5 F, the Earth would get along just fine. You want to talk about actual pollution, I’m there with you. If you want to go climastupid, well, I’ll leave the rest of that though un-written.

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