Antifa Kooks Use Intimidation Tactic to Block Natural Gas Distribution

Antifa Kooks Use Intimidation Tactic to Block Natural Gas Distribution

Do you like having your home heated in the winter? Do you like the way the lights come on when you flip the switch? Then you won’t much like the Antifa anti-capitalists at It’s Going Down, who have taken to terrorizing people at their private homes to prevent necessary construction of natural gas pipelines:

The group recently posted an online article, which it says it received anonymously, about activists who intruded on the private property of an official with the Virginia Water Control Board and draped a banner from her front porch that read “Stop Poisoning Our Community” and “No ACP” and “No MVP,” in reference to the pipelines that will run through Virginia. Since the board has already given its approval to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, the activism is concentrated against the Mountain Valley Pipeline, the anonymous post explains.

“When we have done everything we can to prevent this pipeline within legal means, we will resort to sabotage and we will defeat this symbol of domination, exploitation, globalized capital, earth pillage, and outright assholery,” the post says.

Speaking of assholery, enviromoonbats have made it hard enough to get pipelines approved by the regulatory state. Now we have to worry about those involved in providing the infrastructure we require to meet our energy needs being harassed and intimidated in their own homes by black-clad sociopaths — and worse:

[P]icture a target [as large as a pipeline] in a remote area and a group with the numbers, the resources and the willingness to engage in violence and destruction on the scale of Antifa. I don’t think I need to fill in the rest for you.

Liberals are fond of reminding us that not all terrorists are Muslims. As the Left spins ever further into radicalism, Antifa types are likely to provide more proof.

On a tip from TCS III. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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