Envirofascists Unveil Final Solution on Behalf of Spotted Owls

by Dave Blount | February 23, 2011 2:14 pm

Envirofascists will do anything to save the owls. Not only will they destroy tens of thousands of jobs, they’ll even kill owls[1]:

First they came for the loggers, destroying 30,000 jobs and countless lives. Now they’re coming for the Barred Owl.

Anyone remember the Great Spotted Owl Controversy? Back in the late 80s and early 90s, it was the first major instance of the environmental movement (with the cooperation of Al Gore and the Clinton administration) using the Endangered Species Act to accomplish their stealth goal — in this case driving productive mankind out of millions of acres of federally owned old-growth forest.

They had to do it no matter the cost, we were told, to save the sacred spotted owl from extinction.

Fast forward 20 years. According to the Oregonian, the spotted owl (Strix occidentalis) wasn’t served a copy of the court ruling, and has continued to die off. Turns out the major culprit in its demise was evolution — in the form of the barred owl, a closely related species that is bigger, more omnivorous, and generally all around superior to the spotted owl. Barred owls (Strix varia), also native to North America, seize spotted owl habitat and out-compete the endangered species.

Envirofascists are responding with characteristic hamfistedness:

They plan to use the barred owl’s fierce devotion to its property rights against it. Barred owls attack other owls that invade its territory. So steely eyed, shotgun-toting environmentalists plan to play owl calls over loudspeakers, and when the evil barred owl comes to investigate — pow.

Barred owls and spotted owls are so closely related that they can produce fertile offspring, but barred owls have characteristics that make them more deserving to survive, according to the Darwinian principles so popular with progressives. So what’s the point of spending our money to kill some owls on behalf of others?

This is no more about the spotted owl than the Iraq war was about Cindy Sheehan. The purpose is to tie up as much acreage as possible and prevent logging.

The spotted owl lobby can’t just admit it was wrong and let nature takes its course. Assuming the barred owl pushes the spotted owl into extinction, there’s no reason to keep 11 million federal acres free of logging. Unlike its federally subsidized cousin, the barred owl is neither endangered nor picky about where it lives — old growth, new growth, wherever.

No matter how noble its alleged intentions and sanctimonious its posturing, the environmental movement has only one objective: to make the world a worse place to be human.

Barred owls[2] are marked for death by Big Environmentalism.

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