Logging Business Crushed on Behalf of Locally Nonexistent Frog

Logging Business Crushed on Behalf of Locally Nonexistent Frog

Lunacy + tyranny = moonbattery:

A Louisiana family is facing $34 million worth of regulations if they continue developing a plot of land after federal officials declared it “critical habitat” for the dusky gopher frog.

Federal regulators are attempting to use the Endangered Species Act to stop commercial logging on the 1,650 acre piece of private land to create a sanctuary that might support the frog. The dusky gopher frog, however, has not been reported on the land or even in the wild areas of the state for 50 years, New Orleans’ The Times Picayune reports.

Like the Clean Air Act and many other overly broad regulations that superficially sound good to people who are not paying attention, the Endangered Species Act has been a carte blanche for radicalized federal agencies to impose tyranny.

Timber is obviously more useful than frogs. This is economic sabotage, carried out at the expense of indispensable property rights to advance antihuman enviromoonbat ideology.

In the unlikely event that you ever happen upon a dusky gopher frog, take care that authorities do not learn of its existence, or your property is likely to be confiscated or rendered useless.

green fascism

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