Moonbat Tech: Coral Reef Haitian Eco-Village

by Dave Blount | February 25, 2011 2:06 pm

Once again (see here[1] and here[2] and here[3]) moonbats would like to exploit picturesquely squalid Haiti as a testing ground for concepts so insane[4], not even Democrats dare impose them closer to home.

As Haiti marches onward towards reconstruction[5], Vincent Callebaut[6] continues to pump out amazing concepts for utopian eco villages for Haitians. Inspired by the organic form of coral, Callebaut proposes Coral Reef[7], a plug-in matrix for 1,000 Haitian families. Built upon seismic piers off the coast of the mainland, the prefabricated, modular units can be fit into a wave-like matrix as space is needed. Each family would have a plot of land to grow their own food, and their passive home would minimize energy usage, while renewable energy sources[8] would make the entire project carbon neutral.

Why is Haiti allegedly marching “onward towards reconstruction”? Because last year it was devastated by one of the earthquakes that are common there — though not as common as hurricanes.


The hurricanes ought to set those windmills to spinning, at least until the entire architectural joke falls over on top of them.

On a tip from Jander. Cross-posted at Moonbattery[9].

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