Radiation Threat From Environmentally Correct Moonbatmobiles

by Dave Blount | November 6, 2009 10:47 am

If there’s one thing sanctimonious moonbats will never run short of, it’s pernicious unintended consequences. From Israel:[1]

The Environmental Protection Ministry confirmed to The Jerusalem Post this week that it has launched an independent study of exposure to electromagnetic radiation from hybrid car batteries.

There have been concerns raised both here and abroad that the batteries might generate worrying amounts of electromagnetic radiation over long periods of time. …

Ministry Director-General Yossi Inbar first turned to the hybrid vehicle importers, and through them to the manufacturers themselves, the ministry said, asking for information about exposure to electromagnetic fields in the cars. However, it soon became clear that the manufacturers did not have the requested information, the ministry said.

Fortunately, this health threat isn’t necessarily a problem for us. If California goes through with plans that could effectively impose metallic reflective window glazing[2] on the entire American car market, the shielding might keep in not only radio signals from wireless safety features, but also potentially deadly radiation. That way, only the people in the car will be affected — and they deserve it for not taking public transportation. The important thing is that the polar bears will be safe.

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