San Francisco “Low Flow” Toilets Cause $114 Million Fecal Jam in Sewer Lines

Eco-nuttery environmental regulations in San Francisco are costing taxpayers millions of unnecessary expenses, yet nothing will be done to change the rules to reflect reality.

Why? Because no one in San Francisco “bureaucratopia” has any common sense. These rules are not about what works best, or what protects the public, but about controlling you, even ordering how you flush your crap out of your toilet.

In San Francisco, easy come, easy go???

Case in point: The so-called “low-flow” toilets which environmentalists have forced into building codes all over California and especially in San Francisco.

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No one argues that the “low-flow” toilets use less water per flush. But what San Francisco (aka the “mother of all nanny government city-states”) is finding out: The, errrr….“material” being flushed isn’t going anywhere. It might be flushing out of the toilet BOWL, but it is getting STUCK in the sewer LINES. This has been happening for YEARS.

Consequently, there is a distinct, ……er …smell….of….s+++ in San Francisco. It is literally and figuratively symbolic of failed environmental do-gooder overregulation, isn’t it? Isn’t that perfect?

Rather than admit their stupid toilets aren’t doing what they are supposed to be doing, other than saving a little bit of water here each flush (of course, if you have to flush more than once, are you saving water?) San Francisco has just spent $100 million trying to un-stick the wads of San Francisco liberals’ s+++ out of their city sewage lines.

I am not joking.

Now, because there is still too much smelly s+++ stinking up the lines in all the chi-chi public places, like AT& T park, especially, in the hot, hot summer months. (try to visualize class “A” office buildings filled with limousine liberals in San Francisco, many stories high, with gooey s+++ stuck in their sewer pipes all the way down to street level and how that must STINK……this is priceless!)

Rather than let builders and contractors use REAL toilets to combat the problem, San Francisco is spending another $14 million to dump millions of gallons of BLEACH into the lines and systems to kill the smell and bacteria.

So, naturally, there is a NEW environmental group to combat the water-bleaching. Don’t Bleach Me, Bro??!!

Liberal cluster-f+++ has just about attained warp-speed in San Francisco!

Read it all from the wise-guys at San Francisco Chronicle, Matier and Ross.

P.S. By the way, if you have ever hung out with someone who is a practicing “vegan,” as many trendy Bay area residents are, you know that the beans, nuts, and gooey, disgusting curds they eat cause them to have more than the “usual” sort of digestive gas eruptions, and they are especially foul-smelling. (I have had to work with vegans for YEARS. Since there ordinances for “smell” pollution to keep me from offending the vegans by wearing perfume in the office, I contend there should be legislation to protect co-workers from vegan-fart pollution! Of course, tofu-turd liberals won’t vote for it! ) Bottom line to this story: San Francisco liberals, despite their pretentiousness, have s+++ that stinks. It really, really stinks. And now they are making everyone ELSE in the city smell it.)

Update: My story over the weekend on the very smart Loews Hotel chain rejecting the maintenance-needy low-flow toilets for a super-duper Champion flusher in all its properties.

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