Valentines’s Day Is Almost Here, So, Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Lingerie!

Because there’s nothing better for Gaia than sewing your own sexy lingerie

Alabama Chanin offers a sexy and sustainable alternative to your standard nylon negligee and polyester panties for Valentine’s Day: a DIY organic cotton corset and bloomer set, entirely made in the USA.


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Wow, that’s ultra sexy……well, not really, but, your loved one will surely find the the band-aids all over your finger tips sexy. Of course, your hands will be in too much pain to engage in any hanky panky, but, really, all that activity would release too much CO2 from your sweaty exertions, and you’d need a shower, which is bad for the environment, you know.

The 100% organic cotton DIY kit ($124.95) comes stenciled and ready to sew with all materials needed to sew and complete the project. Instructions are available in Alabama Stitch Book and you can choose your color from a selection of fabric swatches.

Say what? $124.95 and it’s not even put together already? Sheesh, I can get a sexy pirate lingerie set, complete with eye patch and bandana, for $22.99, and have plenty left over for dinner and a romantic movie.

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