Conservatives Are Right Again: Terrorist Leader Caught Hiding Among ‘Migrants’

by Scott McKay | November 9, 2015 1:38 pm

Do you think America should take in Syrian migrants?

As Michael Walsh notes at PJ Media, accepting mass numbers of migrants from Muslim countries amid the rise of militant jihadist Islam is bound to inevitably lead to an increased terror threat.

Which is precisely what is happening in Italy[1].

Fears that Islamic terror groups might be entering Europe on migrant boats appear to have been confirmed after police in Sicily identified a convicted terrorist among asylum seekers arriving from Libya. The Tunisian, Ben Nasr Mehdi, was first arrested in Italy in November 2007 and sentenced to seven years for planning terror attacks for a group that has since been linked to Isis. After his release from the high-security Benevento prison in southern Italy, he was expelled from the country.

But it has emerged that he has attempted to enter Italy again, following his arrest last month by Italian authorities after arriving at the island of Lampedusa, off Sicily. He was among 200 migrants rescued at sea by a navy vessel on 4 October. Despite giving a false name and claiming that he was seeking asylum in northern Europe to escape political persecution, finger prints revealed his true identity. He was held along with three other men, thought to be the human traffickers who had organised the trip, and interrogated by police in the Sicilian city of Agrigento.

Several days later Mehdi, 38, was repatriated, and put into the hands of Tunisian authorities. Local press reports suggest that authorities had attempted to conceal the incident to prevent panic.

What is most disturbing about the current wave of Muslim migrants isn’t even the terrorists in their midst; it’s the threat an aggressive and imperialistic culture poses as it insinuates itself amid a declining and weak West. Oversecularized, socialistic and unprocreative Europe is practically defenseless against hundreds of thousands or even millions of Muslims who have no interest in assimilation; soon they’ll be a majority of the schoolchildren in those countries and make demands as to the educational systems on the continent and shortly following that they’ll control those countries themselves without having to fire a shot.

But given that grim future, the fact there are terrorists in their midst means the migrants are a threat in the present day and not just in the future.

About all of which Europe’s leaders are insistently in denial…

Italy’s interior minister, Angelino Alfano, had previously insisted there was no evidence that Islamic terrorists were sneaking into Europe aboard migrant boats, despite warnings from right-of-centre politicians that the wave of migration from North Africa represented a serious security threat. Mr Alfano, has said however, that Italian security forces are constantly looking out for such a threat.

The interior ministry was not able to respond to The Independent’s request for comment. Italian authorities have said, however, they regard Mehdi as one of the most dangerous terrorists to have operated in Italy. He is considered to be an explosives expert and a contact for organisations that recruit jihadists from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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