Czech Republic Prime Minister: ‘We Do Not Want More Muslims in Czech Republic’

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | August 30, 2017 4:51 pm

Honesty.[1] It’s refreshing for a change. It’s a pity we are hearing it from the Czech Republic and not more from our own leaders. Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka says that the Czech Republic has enough Muslims already and does not want any more Islamic refugees in their country. He says the refugees do not assimilate into their culture and they bring crime and terrorism with them. That’s exactly right. They already have 22,000 Muslims in the country and they have pretty much assimilated into their culture over time. They are not radicalized. But many of those seeking to cross borders are. That is not acceptable in the Czech Republic. It shouldn’t be acceptable anywhere.

Sobotka points out that Europe should protect its external border. They won’t of course. They won’t even take responsibility for the Muslims within their own borders currently. And they don’t care how it is displacing their citizens or how many women get raped by these animals. The Czechs don’t want that in their country. I call that a sane policy. Of course, Europe will label it racist.


From Breitbart:

Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka does not want the Muslim community to grow in the Czech Republic, saying he has seen what problems large Muslim populations have caused in other European countries.

Noting that there was only a small, non-radicalised Muslim community in the Central European country, the prime minister told Austrian newspaper Die Presse: “When we see problems in other European countries, we do not want Muslims in the Czech Republic.”

“We would greatly appreciate if Europe would better protect its external border. Receiving refugees should always be the responsibility of nation states,” Mr. Sobotka added.

In comments alluding to crime, sex attacks, and terrorism committed by Middle Eastern and African migrants in Western Europe since 2015, the prime minister said: “In Europe too often we see problems with the integration of people coming from another cultural or religious environment.”

The Czech Republic has around 22,000 Muslims living in the country who are described as well-integrated and not particularly committed to or fundamentalist in the expression of their faith.

This commentary comes in the same week that Czech President Miloš Zeman defended burkini bans at swimming pools across the country, saying: “In Czech swimming pools there is no reason for anyone bathing in Arab clothes.” Again, that is the right and sane thing to do. Burkinis should not be allowed period. They are part of radicalized Islam and with their presence comes violence. Sorry, that’s just the way it is and it’s the brutal truth of the matter. They signify Shariah law.

Like the other three countries in the Visegrád Group (Slovakia, Poland and Hungary), the Czech Republic rejects the European Union’s forced migrant relocation program. They are sovereign nations and their borders are not to be violated. Because of this, they do not suffer from the rampant crime and terrorism the rest of Europe is seeing. The Czech Republic is financially helping other countries with migrant camps and with police, but they do not want that scenario in their own country. Smart. They are putting their citizens and country first here and that’s the way it should be.

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