EU Oligarchs Decree That Being Fat Entitles You to Exalted Disabled Status

by Dave Blount | December 24, 2014 11:05 am

In case the recent revelation that losing weight could cause global warming isn’t reason enough to refrain from dropping a few pounds, here’s a better one — obesity can allow you to join the privileged ranks of the oppressed:

Being fat is a disability, EU judges have ruled, meaning that companies in Europe must offer obese staff bigger chairs, special parking spaces and a lighter work load.

It also means that firing them for any reason will invite lawsuits, as might the logical response of refusing to hire them in the first place.

Since Britain surrendered its sovereignty without a shot being fired to the pernicious and ideologically deranged European Union, this ruling is legally binding for all British employers.

British employers will have to bear the costs of litigation and of finding ways to ensure that overweight workers are not placed at any disadvantage.

Lawyers have described the ruling as a “real problem” for businesses because EU judges did not define at what level of clinical or severe obesity a worker could be classed as disabled.

Yet again we see that liberal judges do not give a hoot in hell about the real world consequences of their sanctimonious decrees.

There is no body mass index cutoff qualifying a fat person as more equal than others by virtue of obesity and thereby exempt from normal work requirements. Any employer could be found guilty of oppressing overeaters unless arbitrarily found innocent on a case by case basis.

Important to the ruling, is the EU court’s judgment that the origin of the disability is irrelevant even if obesity is caused by overeating or gluttony. …

Nick de Bois, co-chairman of the Commons all-party parliamentary group on public health, said: “It seems to me the court is overlooking the role of personal responsibility.”

Not at all. An explicit purpose of progressive authoritarianism is to seek out and eradicate the last vestiges of personal responsibility.

European employers are now in the position of this chair.

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