The British Government Admits it Deliberately Exposed Soldiers to Plague & Released a Bacteria on the Subway

The British Government Admits it Deliberately Exposed Soldiers to Plague & Released a Bacteria on the Subway

How would you feel if you found out that over the past 50 years, your government was using members of the military AND public to test dangerous chemical weapons including anthrax? Now what if you also found out that they had released a dangerous bacteria on the biggest mode of transportation in the area? If this idea horrifies you, then I hope you don’t live in Britain.


From The Daily Mail:

The gruesome reality of chemical experiments carried out by the Ministry of Defence at a controversial ‘military science park’ over the course of 50 years has been revealed.

Teenager soldiers and servicemen unwittingly volunteered to be human ‘guinea pigs’ for a series of experiments at Porton Down, in Wiltshire, in the hope of a bit of extra cash.

But the unsuspecting volunteers were exposed to Sarin gas, anthrax and even the Black Death, a new book has revealed.

One victim was left convulsing with ‘terrible stuff coming out of his mouth like frogspawn’; another teenage serviceman believed he had a four-hour conversation with a school-friend who had died years before, after being injected with a brain-incapacitating drug.

Incredibly, thousands of members of the British public were also unknowingly exposed by government scientists who released spores of a ‘plague-like’ bacteria on the London Underground in 1963.

Although considered harmless at the time Bacillus globigii – or BG to use its military moniker – can in fact cause food poisoning, eye infections, and even potentially deadly septicaemia.

But none of the London commuters were ever told of the experiment.

Scientists at Porton Down assured their thousands of military volunteers that they were ‘totally safe’ before exposing them to a series of dangerous experiments.

Despite being turned into ‘guinea pigs’ by their own government, 21,000 servicemen between 1939 and 1989 were only offered token payments, a day off, or even just a free bus pass.

Decades later, in 2008, the government finally apologised for the atrocities that had been carried out on human ‘guinea pigs’ and paid compensation to 670 of the victims.

Historian Ulf Schmidt, a leading academic of modern history at the University of Kent, has revealed exactly what the shocking experiments entailed and the horrific effects they had on their ‘participants’.

The historian, who acted as an expert witness in the Porton Down investigation, has revealed his findings in a new book ‘Secret Science: A Century of Poison Warfare and Human Experiments.

Here are some of the most disturbing case studies he has revealed.

Many thousands of Londoners were put at considerable risk by the Ministry of Defence experimentation.

On July 26, 1963, a harmful virus was unleashed on the London Underground.

Spores of the virus Bacillus globigii were released at Colliers Wood, in a tiny box disguised as a make-up compact.

Scientists were trying to discover whether ‘long distance travel of aerosols’ on London’s transport network ‘was due to transportation within trains’ or through the air ventilation systems.

The virus, although considered harmless at the time, has since been proved to cause food poisoning, eye infections and even potentially-deadly septicaemia.

But none of the commuters dusted with the spores were ever warned or contacted afterwards.

Government officials decided that in order to maintain national security, the trial should be kept under wraps. 

At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, what do you think the odds are that our government runs a similar operation?

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