Airline Seats Dad 11 Rows Away From His Four-Year-Old Daughter, and Then Tells Him He Has to Pay $88 to be Moved Next to Her

by Cassy Fiano | May 12, 2015 1:26 pm

Flying with a child is hard enough, but it would have to be even tougher if that child is seated 11 rows away from their parents. And that’s exactly the situation that Frank Strong found himself in when he took a flight on Delta Airlines.

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A single father of a four-year-old girl was outraged after he was forced to pay $88 to sit next to his own daughter on a flight.

Frank Strong was traveling with his daughter on Delta Airlines in late April from Raleigh, North Carolina, to Montgomery, Alabama, with a connection through Atlanta to visit his mother.

But when they got to the check-in area of the airport, he found out that he was seated 11 rows away from his daughter, who has not been named.

When he booked his flight, there were no seats together, so Strong decided not to choose seats in hopes of getting two adjacent ones when he arrived to check in.

‘One of the first pieces of information they asked me was her age, but when I was given the option to select seats, there were no seats together. I couldn’t even pay them for us to sit together,’ he wrote on his blog.

When he approached the check-in counter asking for them to help him adjust the seats, the staff members gave him another suggestion.

‘The gate agents exchanged knowing glances – they obviously had seen this before – and suggested I go to the gate,’ he said.

Strong added: ‘They said maybe they could fix the problem for me for free, otherwise I could pay $88 to get our seats together right away.

‘I did that, because I didn’t want to have to worry about what might happen at the gate.’

After spending $1,200 on his and his daughter’s tickets, $25 for each piece of checked luggage and $88 for seat changes, Strong boarded the plane to see there were plenty of open seats.

While this is without a doubt a difficult situation, it seems that Mr. Strong needs to take some responsibility here. He chose to buy the tickets knowing there weren’t any seats available together, when he could have purchased tickets from another airline or tried to work it out with customer service in advance instead of waiting until the last minute and then crying victim as if the airline is somehow at fault here.

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