Barber goes to extreme lengths to make boy w/ autism comfortable during a haircut

by Frank Lea | November 7, 2015 12:51 pm

Little Mason has autism and is really scared to sit in the barber chair, so James from Jim the Trim sits on the floor[1] to cut his hair.

mason haircut on floor[2]

James said: ‘I know how difficult it can be and my main concern was making sure Mason was happy and not upset.

‘So when I saw he was comfortable on the floor, I thought nothing of getting down on my belly and having a go.

‘It’s the oddest place I’ve ever cut someone’s hair, but if that is what works, that is fine with me.

This is your daily feel good story. The story that restores faith in humanity and reminds you that everything really will be OK. Thanks James, you’re a good guy!

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