Feminists Fall SILENT After Discovering the Identity of the Commanding Officer of the USS Porter

Feminists Fall SILENT After Discovering the Identity of the Commanding Officer of the USS Porter

Last week the USS Porter was one of the Navy Destroyers who launched missiles targeting the airfield in Syria. The Pentagon sent out this propaganda picture below and it went viral to a happy America, while the left seemed pretty upset by the picture. The happy news for them should have been in the ‘whom’ was ‘driving’ that destroyer…

Feminists are not cheering or putting on their vagina hats and running through the streets in celebration upon discovery that the person in command of one of the two destroyers involved in last week’s action against Syria last week is indeed a woman. Maybe they’re not cheering because Commander Andrea Slough has chosen to wear her Navy issued hat instead of their homemade knitted caps.

Honestly, feminists don’t really stand for what they use to think they stood for. Commander Slough is who our young women should be looking up to, not Lena Dunham or Ashley Judd. Both nasty women who hardly stand for what a woman is and can be. Commander Slough was commissioned in 1998 from the U.S. Naval Academy with a Bachelor of Science degree in Ocean Engineering. Ashore she served as the technical instructor for Prospective Commanding Officers and Executive Officers. She also participated in the initial Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense capability development among a few of her achievements.

It is no surprise that this woman was so qualified to have the honor of this military action. It is very newsworthy and yet I literally googled ‘commander slough’ and the only news sites reporting and giving her the credit she deserves are a handful of conservative or local news. How unfortunate that feminism no longer promotes strong women and has resorted to a engendering a bunch of weak, helpless sometimes females who are either victims of the government or victims of old white Republican men. Ugh… I’m so glad I don’t need that kind of feminism to become a strong woman on my own.

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