Redefining Feminism: Why I Love Sarah Palin And The Smart Girls

by John Hawkins | October 11, 2010 5:32 am

“The feminists of the sixties are the least feminine women I know. Sarah Palin came on the scene and she is redefining feminism.” – Lisa Mei Norton[1]

Liberals use the exact same strategy to appeal to every group in America OTHER THAN white males. Pick any group, Hispanics, gays, blacks, Jews, women — you name it. They claim to represent everyone in that group and boil down what that group is supposed to care about to positions on a handful of issues, all of which just conveniently happen to be the liberal positions. Then they relentlessly demonize conservatives and tell everyone in that group that conservatives hate them. It may seem overly simple, sleazy, and transparently dishonest, but it has proven to be a fairly successful strategy.

So, for example, liberal women will tell you that they represent feminism[2] and what women care about is abortion and liberalism. If the “feminist” in question is feeling her oats, she might toss in some comment about Title IX, subsidized day care, or the horrors of “slut shaming,” too, but being liberal and pro-abortion covers it pretty well — and oh yeah, don’t forget that conservatives hate women and want to see them pregnant, barefoot, and chained in the kitchen.

You may notice that the liberal definition of feminism really doesn’t do much for a lot of women, like say stay-at-home moms, pro-life women, non-man haters, or women who put a high value on their careers AND their families. As a matter of fact, many of the nastiest, most sexist attacks on those sort of women come from liberal “feminists.”

This is where Sarah Palin[3] and Smart Girl Politics[4] come in. They’re doing something that conservatives need to do with every group across the spectrum: Present an alternate vision.

Sarah Palin[3] and the Smart Girls[5] are saying: You don’t have to try to be a man, dislike men, be proud to be a ho[6], or want to abort as many babies as possible to be a “feminist.” In fact, that’s not what feminism is about at all. We’re conservative women and we say feminism is about embracing your womanhood, being pro-life, looking at men as equals, not the enemy, and embracing family life just as much as a corporate career.

If you believe that the conservative vision will be more appealing to the American people than the liberal vision, then what Sarah Palin[3] and the Smart Girls[5] are doing isn’t just good for women, it’s a template that can and should be copied by conservatives in other demographic groups.

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