Target Publicly Humiliates Liberal Feminist Who Claims They Don’t Make NASA Shirts For Girls

by Sierra Marlee | June 13, 2017 6:15 pm

Some annoying feminist blew up Twitter after engaging in some annoying virtue signalling while at her local Target.

Katie Hinde, some verified hack on the Internet, tweeted out a photo of her having moved some NASA tank tops from the boy’s section of the store to the girl’s section. I assume she did this because she thinks there is some sort of intentional gender disparity in prestigious organizations like NASA.

Unfortunately for her, Target wasn’t about to let some hag drag their corporation through the mud because she’s stupid.


“Did I just take a bunch of NASA tank tops from the boys section & put them in the girls section? Yes. Yes I did.”

One person responded asking Hinde to stop making more work for retail employees. Hinde responded in the way you’d expect from an entitled liberal whine-bag.

And of course she had to throw in the obligatory mention of sexism. Because how can you prove that you care about women unless you’re calling people sexist?

But it wasn’t until Target responded that things really got interesting.

The company kept their cool and kindly pointed out to Katie that she is wrong and should probably do some research before she spouts off.

The nifty little link provided by the retail chain takes you to a page where you’re going to see… wait for it… NASA clothing for women! It’s almost like not everything in the world exists to oppress women! I know, madness.


And that’s when the roasting began:[9][10][11][12]

Katie isn’t willing to accept defeat, however, and is “working on a longer essay to be systematic” in her response to the store.

Saying, “Hey, I was wrong and called you guys sexist when I shouldn’t have and made extra work for your employees and I’m sorry,” doesn’t take that much space. I’m willing to bet that you could even do it in a tweet if you were really ambitious.

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