Bully Harasses Kid and Then Runs For It After He Fights Back

by Sierra Marlee | September 27, 2015 3:30 pm

If you’re going to bully someone, you probably want to make sure they’re not going to fight back. Especially if you have a physique of an anorexic Justin Bieber circa 2001[1].


While it’s not entirely obvious what started this little kerfuffle, it is crystal clear that if you intend to fight someone, you probably shouldn’t try to do so while wearing what appears to be your little sister’s jeans.

Pro-tip: walking up to another gentleman and touching yourself doesn’t make you look tough. It makes you look… like you cheer for the other team.

So the weird skinny boy on the right-side of your screen decides to harass the gentleman on the left side of the screen. To his credit, he did wait quite a while before taking a return swing at the other guy. Probably giving him time to rethink his poor life decisions before he gets made a-fool of on the internet.

Watch the video below:

I may not exactly be a professional fighter, but I’ll tell you this; no ground-breaking historical fights ever took place between kids wearing jeans so tight you can see their budding leg hair.

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