INSANE: Man Jumps Over Counter To Fight McDonald’s Employee

One gentleman (and that’s being polite) wasn’t “lovin'” his trip to McDonalds, and leapt over the service counter in a rage. It seemed that everyone whipped out their phones, yet nobody called the police. Instead they all filmed the ongoing brawl.


This video is just under a minute long, but is extremely hard to watch. Instead of simply trying to restrain the man and let authorities deal with him, one employee essentially held him down while another took swing after swing at him. One man even removed his shirt, for some reason. You just have to watch it for yourself.

As the moral fabric of our society continues to break down, we’re going to witness more and more events like this. As sad as it is, there are people who think this kind of behavior is acceptable. It all comes back to parenting, people.

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