VIDEO: CRIP Finds Out His Dreds Are A Big Problem When He Picks Fight With Old Man

by Sierra Marlee | May 10, 2015 6:31 pm

Wanna-be gang bangers[1] are a menace to society, and possibly even more so than real gang members because they are trying to prove how “bad” they are. But it’s hard to look like a thug when you’re getting your butt handed to you by an older gentleman who isn’t going to take your crap.


Because the video below has some very graphic language, I’m going to give you a clean synopsis. Essentially, the moron in the blue shirt rode his bike up to an older man (nothing says ‘thug’ like a Huffy) and was swiftly knocked off of his “high horse,” so to speak. He drags the punk into a yard, whose it is I’m not exactly certain, but what I do know is that he lays quite the smackdown on the young man.Eventually some passers-by told “Fred,” the older man, that he needed to stop before he went to jail, and someone even said “Fred, your momma wants you.”

Most of what occurs is punctuated by obscenities, so if you can’t handle salty language, I wouldn’t recommend watching the following video:[3]

Older men don’t just go off like that, in my experience, so he must have known the intentions of the boy before-hand.

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