VIDEO: These women aren’t great fighters, but they are great at ripping off wigs

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | June 10, 2016 8:19 am

Part of me thinks this video is hilarious[1] and part of me is horrified by it. Four girls evidently just went shopping and decided what they really needed to do was face off in the parking lot. Obscenities flew and posturing was the name of the game. Then two of them decided to get their violence on. Fists flew and then the wigs were ripped off. It was not pretty by any means. Classy… but what bothered me most was the guy videoing it. His little boy was asking if they could go now and instead of protecting the child from the ensuing violence, he just kept on recording. He’s definitely not dad of the year.


From YouTube:

Girl fights make wig flying 😀 Crazy girls fights!

What’s with all the screaming and insults? Didn’t anyone ever teach these girls manners or how to be a lady? Or is that just ‘outdated’ these days? To be fair, two of the four girls tried to stop their respective friends from hulking out – it didn’t work. And ‘Dad of the Year’ is going on about World Star Fights and ignoring his little one. Nice lesson taught there dad. Some woman with a spine actually stepped in and stopped the fight. At least someone was interested in doing the right thing here, even if it meant getting hurt for a change. One girl was practically undressed by the fight. At least we were spared a full frontal there. These people need to get a life and get over themselves. What losers and what crappy fighters.

  1. Part of me thinks this video is hilarious:
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