BOOM! This State Requires Food Stamp Recipients To Work – Result Is UNDENIABLE!

BOOM! This State Requires Food Stamp Recipients To Work – Result Is UNDENIABLE!

Arkansas is the latest state to figure out that you shouldn’t waive work requirements for those on food stamps. Last year, they implemented work requirements in order to receive food stamps and when they did that the number of people getting benefits dropped by 25,000. There is a three-month limit on food stamps unless you are enrolled in educational courses or you are on a job training program. The first 9,000 were dropped from the program on April 1st. Between April and the end of the year, over 15,000 more were dropped. Sounds like progress to me.

More people dropped off welfare in Arkansas than any other state last year. Because of the 10 states that enacted the food stamp requirements, roughly 773,000 fewer people received food stamp benefits in April than they did in March, which the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities said was “the largest one-month drop since temporary disaster benefits for Hurricane Katrina victims ended in 2005.” Socialism does not work and handing out unrestricted benefits does not either.


From the Conservative Tribune:

In today’s “duh” story, it seems that yet another state has found out that when you stop waiving work requirements for food stamp benefits, your rolls suddenly drop.

According to Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, after the Razorback State began enacting work requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program — colloquially known as “food stamps” — back on Jan. 1 of last year, the rolls of recipients dropped by roughly 25,000 individuals in just one year.

According to KASU-FM, the state had ended a waiver on a three-month limit to food stamps for able-bodied childless individuals between 18 to 49 who do not work, unless they’re either enrolled in school or a job training program.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported that roughly 9,000 were kicked off of the program as of April 1, when the three-month limit could start being enforced. Between April and November, the program shed another 15,000 individuals.

Of the 10 states that implemented the requirements last year, Arkansas saw the largest drop in food stamp enrollment, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

And that’s not all. Since 2013, the over-500,000 individuals in Arkansas who participated in the food stamp program has been reduced to 418,000.

Not all people, but many, go on welfare and food stamps simply because they don’t want to work. These programs are meant as a safety net for those that find they have fallen on hard times, but who still want to eventually work. It’s not a bottomless freebie buffet. Most states now want to see proof of where you have looked for work and how often. There’s also the above cited education option and many will also let people do volunteer work. It’s simple… you should get paid for what you do, unless you are absolutely unable to work. Along with the number of people dropping on the food stamp rolls, the unemployment rate has also dropped as people are forced back into the workforce.

Americans are the most generous people in the world, but that doesn’t mean that they should just pay someone who wants to sit on their butt and do nothing all day long. Our taxes cover these programs and it is only right that these states enforce requirements on people to receive these benefits. The days of Obama freebies are over. Time for Americans to each work an honest day for an honest wage.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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