YES! State Reinstates Work Requirements For Able-Bodied Food Stamp Recipients [VIDEO]

YES! State Reinstates Work Requirements For Able-Bodied Food Stamp Recipients [VIDEO]

As of 1 February, 2018, all able-bodied adults who do not have children or any other dependents will now be kicked off of SNAP unless they spend at least 20 hours every week being a productive member of society.

Just announced this week by Gov. Bill Haslam in Tennessee, these able-bodied adults must either work, volunteer in an approved program or take an approved training course in order to receive the benefits that are currently freely available to them. Back in 2008, getting rid of the work requirement was considered necessary by Gov. Haslam, who said that because of the recession, even people who were struggling to find work were unable to do so, but now that the economy is growing again, it is harder and harder to justify not reinstating that work requirement.

Now, almost ten years ago, “Tennessee is one of the top locations in the Southeast for high-quality jobs, and it’s now difficult to justify waiving the work requirement for adults without dependents who are able to work.”

Though announced this week, the requirements won’t go into action until the end of next winter and it is expected to affect 58,000 recipients. Of course, that’s 58,000 out of the nearly one million people who currently receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP) in the state out of a population of just over 6.65 million people.

In the last few months, food stamp usage has dropped to its lowest usage level since 2010. This is from a combined effort from the Trump administration and states. On the Trump side, his government recently overhauled an Obama-era rule that allowed both lottery winners and child sex abuser felons to benefit from the program. Yeah, until now SNAP allowed people who were convicted of sexually assaulting children to get free money from the government.

In Tennessee, the waiver of the work requirement will not impact every county. There are still 16 “economically distressed” counties whose able-bodied adults will still be able to access SNAP because the economic recovery has not fully flourished there yet, but the requirements will be phased in as their fortunes improve over time. So far, Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina have all adopted the “phase in” method of demanding work requirements county-by-county and all of those states have seen the number of enrollees drop.

Here’s a video from Fox News from 2013 talking about the rampant misuse of food stamps that has been going on for years. The issue has been ongoing, but there’s no room on the MAGA train for these people.

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