12 ft-high wall built to protect German city from Obama’s criminal refugees [VIDEO]

12 ft-high wall built to protect German city from Obama’s criminal refugees [VIDEO]

Germany is constructing a 12 ft.-high wall to protect citizens from Islamic immigrants. It’s taller than the Berlin Wall was before it came down. It is meant to separate a housing estate from 160 Islamists. The residents went to court to get the wall built. They fear the migrants and who can blame them? They are raping women and children and crime is rampant around them. I’d want a wall too. They also fear the value of their homes plummeting. That’s probably going to happen regardless of the wall, sorry to say.

The refugees are going to be there for years to come. And I would bet they’ll get over that wall. The migrants are moving into the camp next door this week. Deputy District Chairman Guido Bucholtz says he was frightened by the monster of all a wall… but I guess the Islamists don’t scare him. He should go live with them a bit and see if that changes his mind. You know who he should fear? Angela Merkel, who has forever torn her country apart over this and is doubling down. German’s hate her refugee policy she has forced on them and they despise her.


From the Daily Mail:

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A 12-foot high barrier – higher than the Berlin Wall – is being erected in the German city of Munich to protect locals from young refugees who are set to move into the area.

Locals campaigned for the wall, in the suburb of Neuperlach Süd, after authorities decided that some 160 young unaccompanied migrants will move into a large shelter which is less than 100 metres from a residential estate.

Critics say the wall is further proof of the alienation voters feel with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s refugee policy.

Deputy District Chairman Guido Bucholtz, said: ‘I was frightened when I saw this monster of a wall.’

He added that he thinks the wall is too high as another similar structure designed to fence off a migrant camp was just three metres high.

He said: ‘This whole propaganda really sucks.’

However residents from the neighbouring housing development from the asylum centre went to court to get the wall built.

One of their arguments for the wall was the fear that the value of their homes would plummet if there was nothing to separate them from the refugees who could be there for years to come.

The wall is 12 ft.-high not just to keep the migrants on the other side. It is also that high to provide an effective sound buffer, so the residents don’t have to hear the call to Allah throughout the day.

The wall is just about finished. Locals don’t care how it looks. They just want to be separated from the unaccompanied refugees who have often been at the center of friction with locals in other German towns. Not to mention in the midst of crime waves.

The Daily Mail’s piece talks about Nazis and sympathizes with the migrants. They are painting a skewed and unfair picture of what is going on there. They speak of Islamists being attacked, but don’t mention the riots, rapes or crimes committed by Muslims there. I don’t blame these people in the least for demanding safety and some form of protection against these thugs.



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