They Call Themselves “SPARTAN 3000” – And They Are Kim Jung Un’s WORST NIGHTMARE!

They Call Themselves “SPARTAN 3000” – And They Are Kim Jung Un’s WORST NIGHTMARE!

The NoKos are frisky this year, threatening nuclear annihilation of America AND South Korea. In response, America has helped the South Koreans form an elite unit called the Spartan 3000. It’s obviously a riff on Sparta’s 300. North Korea has fired about 15 missiles into the sea in response to training exercises between the Americans and the South Koreans. These exercises happen every year and that is far fewer missiles than last year fired off by the NoKos. Still, they have been doing nuclear testing and have been slapped with sanctions over it. They say that Russia and China are not coming to North Korea’s defense over this… I wouldn’t count on that. They may not verbalize it, but exactly who do you think protects the NoKos and helped them go nuclear? It was the new Axis of Evil: Russia, China and Iran. As for the Spartan 3000 taking out North Korea by ostensibly “destroying ‘key military facilities’ in the North,” I have my doubts. But still, good hunting boys!


From the Conservative Tribune:

The United States and South Korea are once again engaging in their annual joint military exercises, and as usual, it has the North Koreans hopping mad.

Communist dictator Kim Jong Un has called the exercises a provocative act of war, an insulting dress rehearsal for an invasion of the North, or even cover for an actual invasion aimed at toppling his regime.

Kim may also be more on edge this year after learning about a new, elite unit the South Koreans have introduced known as “Spartan 3000.” This highly trained group of roughly 3,000 soldiers is allegedly capable of operating anywhere in the entire Korean peninsula in less than 24 hours.

Aside from the standard threats and missile launches into the sea, North Korea has also placed much of its military on high alert, particularly coastal defense groups and artillery units, which could reportedly demolish the South Korean capital of Seoul, preceded by unleashed terrorist attacks and followed by waves of soldiers in a preemptive or retaliatory invasion. North Korea is itching for a fight and they would not come empty-handed or alone. And although most of what they do is unadulterated bluster, when a rogue dictator threatens to nuke Manhattan, we might want to pay attention. Just sayin’. There are also some concerns that North Korea has advanced its nuclear weapons program further than the rest of the world realizes and could really be capable of fitting nuclear warheads to its ballistic missiles… warheads Kim has promised will be aimed at US targets both in the region and back home on the mainland. It’s possible the Spartan 3000 could decapitate the Hermit Kingdom, but North Korea is a brutal regime and would fight to the bloody end. Let’s not repeat the 300 again, shall we?


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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