Marxist Drug Traffickers Consolidate Power in El Salvador

by Dave Blount | March 21, 2014 11:35 am

Meanwhile, as we sit and listen to the media tell us over and over and over again that they still don’t know what happened to the airplane, another domino has fallen to the communists in our backyard. A former Faribundo Marti Liberation Front (FMLF) guerilla commander will now be running El Salvador:

Salvador Sanchez Ceren is the “former” Communist guerrilla declared winner of El Salvador’s presidential elections this week by 6,600 votes. Since 2009, he had served as El Salvador’s Vice President. Ceren’s electoral opponents of the center-right ARENA party alleged blatant Venezuelan-mentored electoral fraud. But the Salvadoran “Supreme Electoral Tribunal” (staffed and controlled by Ceren’s party) overruled ARENA.

Roger Noriega, a former assistant secretary of state for Western hemisphere affairs with many high-level contacts in the region warns that El Salvador’s FMLF is linked, not only to the Communist leadership of the Castro-Venezuela axis, but to the biggest and wealthiest narco-traffickers in the hemisphere, along with their distributors and retailers in the U.S.

A little history, starting in the happier Reagan Era:

In the 1980s the Cuba-Soviet backed FMLF waged a terror campaign trying to Cubanize the small and impoverished Central American nation of El Salvador. The government fought back and tens of thousands of Salvadorans perished in a variety of ways on both sides of what became a full-fledged and–as usual for such conflicts— brutal civil war. The U.S. media habitually pegged all resulting deaths on “right-wing death squads”–often spicing up the description with “U.S.-backed” or “U.S.-trained.” …

After being crushed militarily thanks to help from the Reagan administration in the 1980s, the FMLF renounced violence and went respectable as a political party in the 1990s. Now they steal and buy elections. Chicago politics will get you what Bolshevik terror couldn’t, seems like the new motto for Latin American socialists.

Why not? Chicago politics has certainly worked well for ultra-leftists in the USA.

This stealing and buying of elections is made easy by the billions of dollars flooding into the area from narco-trafficking. … The Marxist mumo-jumbo still pops up in “communiqués” and press releases from the FARC from their Venezuelan Chavista allies, and from the FMLF itself. But after the fall of the Iron Curtain, Latin American Communists of every stripe found their new vocations (and funding) in narco-trafficking.

Not even Marxists could believe in Marxism. What they believe in is power, the same as all corrupt authorities and corrupt wannabe authorities.

The FMLF has played a key role in smuggling drugs from Colombia and Venezuela up through Central America and across our undefended border. With Ceren in charge in El Salvador, this flow of poison won’t be slowing down — nor will the flow of the poisonous ideology he exploits.

Don’t expect help from the Obama Regime. It actively promotes the spread of communism in Latin America. When Manuel Zelaya tried to pull off a communist coup in Honduras, Obama openly sided with him against that US ally’s legitimate government.

One day Americans will wake up and wonder how we ended up backed into a corner.

salvador sanchez ceren
Salvador Sanchez Ceren: Bad news.

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