Unanswered Questions About Libya, And Some ObamaLuv

Kinda hard to believe that people at the Politico are being somewhat critical of Obama, as the news outlet has typically been one of his best cheerleaders, but, there you have it, though it is a bit more of the “tut-tut” type criticism, along with an attempt to explain what’s inside Obama’s head, since Obama hasn’t yet taken the time to explain his actions to the American people

It’s hard to find a precedent for a president ordering U.S. military forces into action, then heading off for a five-day tour of Latin America, but that’s just what President Barack Obama did when he approved the deployment of air and naval assets to establish a no-fly zone over Libya.

His homecoming gift is a barrage of questions about the military action Obama aides refuse to label a “war.”

They’re tending to call it a “humanitarian crisis”, and the Washington Post is good enough to follow along with this meme. But, no matter what they call it, most Americans can figure out it’s a war.

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Obama was asked the most obvious question – what is the U.S. endgame in Libya? – several times during his trip. His answers seemed deliberately obtuse: To stop a humanitarian crisis and, hopefully, drive Muammar Qadhafi from power, while at the same time ceding leadership of the effort to countries with a direct regional stake in the outcome – France and Arab League nations – sooner rather than later.

Of course they are obtuse: he has no idea what he is doing, his people have different messages, 3 of his female advisors talked him into it, and, come on, guys, he’s just trying to kick a soccer ball and create jobs.

The story has four questions for Obama, who doesn’t seem inclined to answer, and under the first, “can we really get out fast?”, we get

The Obama administration prides itself on moving quickly in times of crisis, but this time they have moved so quickly to counter Qadhafi’s threat to rebels they were forced to create a command structure “on the fly,” in the words of Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

Really? Seriously? Did Glenn Thrush and Abby Phillip just write that? Moving fast? In whose world? In most times of crisis, Team Obama dithers till it is too late, or almost too late. The Iranian uprising? Never involved. Egypt? Waited way late. Libya? Way late. Of course, too be fair, if a Muslim goes on a shooting spree at an Army base and is shouting Allahu Ackbar, Obama is quick to jump in and say we shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

But, Mr. Obama does have some questions to answer. The majority of Americans, like myself, approve of this operation, but would like to possibly hear something about it straight from the lips of the Commander In Chief. 79% of us want there to be attempts to remove Gdaffy. Where are we going with this operation?

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