YES! Mattis Just Put N. Korea On Notice Like A BOSS – ‘Attack Us, If You Have A Death Wish’

YES! Mattis Just Put N. Korea On Notice Like A BOSS – ‘Attack Us, If You Have A Death Wish’

Secretary of Defense James Mattis is an absolute LEGEND and he hasn’t even had to nuke anyone yet!

North Korea is always trying some sort of shenanigans and Mattis isn’t taking it. He gave them a stern warning that was clearly only going to be said once.


From Western Journalism:

In a move to reassure South Korea of U.S. support against North Korean aggression, Defense Secretary James Mattis warned North Korea on Friday of an “effective and overwhelming” response if it chose to use nuclear weapons.

“Any attack on the United States, or our allies, will be defeated, and any use of nuclear weapons would be met with a response that would be effective and overwhelming,” Mattis said at South Korea’s defense ministry, concluding a two-day visit.

The newly-minted Secretary of Defense also confirmed that the United States is expected to take action later in the year, if not before, with a deployment of its missile defense system — known as Terminal High Altitude Area Defense — in South Korea.

With nearly 30,000 US troops in South Korea, the United States possesses a strong military presence in the area. Mattis said the Trump administration “remains steadfast” in its “iron-clad” defense commitments to the region.

The current South Korean government supports THAAD deployment, but with elections upcoming, there is no guarantee the next administration will share that support.

China and other nations have expressed concerns with THAAD deployment, concerns Mattis addressed by maintaining the U.S. stance that North Korea’s behavior would be the onus for such action.

“Were it not for the provocative behavior of North Korea, we would have no need for THAAD out here,” Mattis said. “THAAD should be a worry to no nation other than North Korea.”

North Korea defied UN resolutions and sanctions with its 20 missile tests in 2016, leading some critics, including Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, to air some grievances with former president Barack Obama’s policy in the area.

Cruz sent a letter elaborating upon “deep concerns” about the U.S. policy of “strategic patience” toward Pyongyang. In the letter, Cruz detailed five steps to change North Korea’s behavior: Enforce U.S. laws, “stop protecting China,” bolster the Navy, deploy a ballistic missile system to the region and reclassify North Korea as a state sponsor of terror.

I’m glad America has someone as competent as Mattis at the helm. I feel much safer already.

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