Airport Security Confiscates Fart Blaster From 3-Year-Old

by Dave Blount | August 19, 2015 2:51 pm

Taking effective measures to protect us from terrorism would be Islamophobic, but at least the authorities are keeping us safe from Minion Fart Blaster guns:

A three-year-old boy learnt the harsh reality of airport security after having his Minion toy gun confiscated because officials said it posed ‘a threat’.

Toddler Leo Fitzpatrick was left distraught after being told he could not take the toy with him while trying to board a flight from Dublin Airport with his family on Saturday.

The airport said toy guns – especially those with a trigger mechanism – are on the prohibited items list.

This goes double for lifelike toy guns like the Fart Blaster.


Experience has taught me that the actual farts of fellow passengers are far more of a threat than rude noises emitted by toys, and the Fart Blaster actually looks more like a hair drier than a gun. Yet it was confiscated under a rule governing “replica weapons.”

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