Cheerleader Carwash Banned on Behalf of the Environment

You know we truly live under tyranny when econazis won’t even let cheerleaders raise funds with a carwash:

Students in San Jose, Calif., can no longer hold car washes to raise for money for school events because city officials say they endanger the environment.

Cheerleaders at Lincoln High School had to cancel a scheduled Oct. 20 car wash after a visit from the city’s Environmental Services Department, the San Jose Mercury News reported Friday.

“Anything that is not storm water or rain water is considered a pollutant,” said Jennie Loft, the department’s acting communications manager. “If it goes into a storm drain, that pollutant will harm wildlife and habitats in the creeks.”

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The bureauweenies will only let them wash cars if no water goes anywhere and there are no soap stains left on the ground. They can buy water-free carwash solution that costs $159 per gallon.

Lincoln cheerleaders had hoped to raise money from the car wash to fund a trip to a national competition in April.

Better they should raise funds to escape to a free country.

If we won’t even fight to defend cheerleaders washing cars, we won’t fight period. That would mean the liberals have won.

There is nothing worth having that liberals won’t take away.

On tips from Dean D and Stormfax. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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